The Valuu Story

Our Story

Formally founded in 2023 after 20+ years of consulting and advising organizations through various roles. VlauuAI emerged from a vision to help customers realize the benefits of their digital transformation work. A common problem arose throughout our time advising and counseling businesses.  

The ability to define, scope and measure what value is and then prioritize what to do to achieve it is unclear, and there needs to be a path to value. 

What Sets Us Apart:

We differentiate ourselves by using our ValuuMax approach, which has been thoroughly tested and aims to increase ongoing feedback with a focus on understanding the fundamental value drivers. We are committed to assist you in recognizing the value of an opportunity and developing a strategy to profit from it.  


At Valuu, our mission reflects a profound commitment to driving transformative change and unlocking the full potential of our customers. We recognize that the key to long-term success in today’s dynamic and data-driven economy is the ability to build on the complementary strengths of data, people, and skills. Our mission statement, ‘To help our customers realize value by harnessing the power of their data, people, and skills,’ emphasizes our dedication to empowering organizations and individuals to thrive in this digital era. 


Our values are the compass that guides all our actions at Valuu. They shape our culture and motivate our achievements. We are firmly committed to:


We passionately strive for excellence, exceeding expectations to deliver optimal outcomes for our stakeholders.


We promote innovation by creating an environment that allows new ideas to develop and move us ahead of the competition.


We uphold unwavering integrity and foster trust through ethical conduct in all our interactions.


We thrive on collaboration, celebrating diversity, and working collectively to accomplish shared objectives.

Customer ROV Success Stories

Jefferies Bank

Jefferies Bank (USA HQ) saved on laptop refresh program. Instead of refreshing 7,000 devices, they only replaced 600.


JPMorgan Chase (USA HQ) saved on Microsoft EA true-up. Instead of paying for MS Project, and MS Visio, they only paid for the standard Office applications.


L3Harris (USA HQ) implemented a reboot notification that will improve end user productivity by 3%. A longer period is required to measure a productivity change. Similarly for Department Work and Pensions (UK), Schroeders (UK)

Companies We Work With


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