Our Values

Customer focus is central to our mission, and we strive to provide exceptional customer service and support to ensure the satisfaction of our customers.

Finxone's key values drive everything we do.

Our team at Finxone is a globally distributed community of smart and like-minded individuals who share a common goal and value set, despite their diversity.

The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing

In the world of early stage the definition of focus is sometimes what you decide NOT to do, as opposed to what you do. When anything is possible nothing happens. Its only by singular pursuit of a main vision and keeping decisions aligned to it that you can ensure disciplined success.

Iterate Iterate Iterate

When developing a business or technology there is a tendency to try to get every feature perfect and obsess over every small detail. Whilst this has its advantages it can also hurt agility, and continuously delay value to market. At Finxone we focus on agility and getting the minimum viable out the door quickly, safely, and in a compliant way and then quickly iterating small frequent improvements, rather than long glacial release cycles. To do this, we focus on small components, micro-services, and composable building block like elements that let us and our customers quickly try things and build services iteratively.

Hire people to do what they've done before

We believe in our people, and trust them to execute their roles independently, and collectively. Part of that fervent belief is we select people with proven competence and a baseline where every job description is met on day one.  We also passionately believe in upskilling, and allowing us to grow into the next role challenging us. We never hire people above our own if there is the core competence to do the next role from a "ready now" team member.  That said, our customers and investors expect that we can do what we need to do. Every Fixone team member is ready on day one, and will rise with us as their performance grows. Are you ready, we will give you a shot, and believe in you.

Failing to plan is planning to fail

Our customers, partners, and investors back a team of seasoned professionals with disciplined methodical execution.  At Finxone we plan what we do, we engage and listen to feedback and can react quickly to feedback.  We take a clear view, but adjust in light of emerging evidence. In Fintech its more important to be predictable rather than radically pivot. A plan is the best way to ensure we balance long  and and short term perspectives.

Get out of the building and start learning

The customer has a unique and high definition view of their challenges and pains, and what is worth solving and what isn't. At Finxone customers are the reason we exist, and every interaction is an opportunity to learn.  Our approach is to partner with our customer on their solution journey and ensure we provide the templates, widgets, and integrations they need for their business and not "just what we want to do".  Every time we get out into the market we learn, and we encourage all of our teams to spend time with customers, partners, and the industry.

Win as a team of collaborators, but not at all costs

Winning is a collective activity, and a team pursuit. At Finxone it is super important we move forward as a team on the journey. We don't point score off each other, we don't "own the idea", and we don't tolerate individual behaviour no matter how great that brings down those around us. There is also a right way to win. We compete hard for business openly and transparently based on merit. We follow strict corporate governance and standards of behaviours. We always look for the win-win and take the long term view.

How We Build Code so you don't have to


We build quickly, and make fast engineering decisions

We plan what we do, and do what we plan

We use frameworks, open source, and best of breed solutions for fast results

We go from impediment to solution in the same day


We build with code so our customers don’t have to

We integrate best of breed solutions into our billing engine so customers can use them

We are widget and template focused and any app can be built from consistent blueprints

Fintech Apps

Our core competency and focus is Fintech scenarios and apps

We focus on making every widget customisable giving our customer choice in deployment

We integrate every widget down to the banking or payment rail core.